Eastcoast Church is in partnership with ACCI Missions – the missionary sending and support agency for the Australian Christian Churches movement. We share in their vision for “… a world where where all people have an opportunity to hear the gospel and the freedom to choose, believe and express their faith. We believe in a world where Christian principles of justice and equality are actualised. Where individuals, families and communities are empowered to influence
decisions affecting their own lives, advocate for their own rights as human beings with equal voice and equal value under the premise that all life has intrinsic value before God who created life. Where every child’s right to a family is upheld and defended.” (ACCI Vision) Eastcoast currently supports two couples who are working abroad (see bio below). We also believe in local community mission and engagement, as well as partnering with regional ACC Churches in Australia. We believe in faith that God will continue to expand our reach to see lives and cities transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



In 2013, Josh and Belinda founded Sepheo in Maseru, the capital city of the small African nation of Lesotho. Sepheo identifies, reintegrates and educates children living and begging on the streets. Since they started, the population of children on the streets has been reduced dramatically. They started a school specifically for those who had fallen behind in their education. However, this school is more than just a place of education; it’s a place of love and healing. It is a place of the second chance where children find their purpose while learning and ‘catching up’ at their own pace.
Their ministry work also includes supporting local churches and other ACCI missionaries with weekly Bible study materials. The small group ministry has seen hundreds of un-churched and un-saved reached with the Gospel message


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