Eastcoast Church is committed to providing safe, fun and welcoming spaces for families,

children and young people. The safety and wellbeing of children holds the highest priority in

all our decisions and actions regarding children and young people. We are committed to

outworking the NSW Child Safe Standards, the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Safer

Churches policy and the child safety laws mandated by the NSW government within all of

our programs. We are building a culture where families, children and young people can feel

safe and secure to raise any concerns they may have.


We believe every child is born with a God-given purpose and we make it our mission to

make sure every child knows that they are valued, loved and called. We acknowledge that

children come from diverse backgrounds and have varying needs. As a congregation, we

endeavour within our available resources to offer age-appropriate programs that are all-

encompassing and encourage maximum participation by all children. Upholding the well-

being of children and young individuals is a collective responsibility shared by everyone at

Eastcoast Church: be it the Board, Staff, Leaders, Students, Volunteers or Church Attendees.

Eastcoast Church is committed to:


1. Use our available resources to offer age-appropriate programs that embrace all

children and young people.


2. Provide opportunities for the active participation of children and young people

within their program.


3. Embed the 10 Child Safety Standards into all activities concerning children and young



4. Take all disclosures and allegations of abuse or neglect seriously, responding

appropriately and to report concerns to relevant authorities.


5. Conduct quality screening, training, supervision and support of all people working

with children.


6. Conduct regular reviews of child safety-related procedures in accordance with ACC

Safer Churches policies.


7. Educate and empower children to recognise when they feel unsafe and identify

appropriate individuals to talk with.


8. Maintain the safety, suitability and security of all physical and online environments

which children and young people access.


If you require further details or have any questions regarding our Safer Churches Policies or

Procedures, feel free to reach out to us at or get in touch with a

member of the safer churches committee. The complete ACC Safer Churches Policy is

available here.



Safer Churches committee members

● Zoe Peachey

● Tyrah-Jade Shadlow

● Suresh Kandiah

● Tom Lundie

● Rick McNamara

● Lou Antonius




The ACC Churches also operates a National Helpline for any person wishing to discuss abuse

or misconduct relating to an ACC Church. Please call 1800 070 511.