Any Given Sunday

10AM + 5PM

‘Any-Given Sunday’ a term taken from the sporting world, that basically means on any given Sunday any team can beat the other.

In our case we believe that on any given Sunday at Eastcoast you can find salvation, freedom, restoration, healing, deliverance, purpose, vision and PEACE of God in the gathering of the FAMILY of God. This can happen in the worship, word, ministry or over a coffee in the foyer.   

Mothers Room

A mother’s only room is available for mums with newborn children, in case you need to feed or nurse your child during the church service. The Mother’s Room is accessible from the foyer and is connected to the main church service via video link so you can still be involved in the service.

Parents Lounge

A parent’s lounge is available in our foyer it's a space to care for young children up to one years of age who become unsettled during the service. The parent's lounge is connected to the main service via video link so you can still be involved in the service.

Coast Kids

Coast Kids runs age specific programs during all services for children aged between 1-12 years. The Coast Kids check-in desk is located down the corridor off the main foyer. See one of our host team when you arrive.


Coast Cafe is open 40min before and after every 10AM service. Our team of baristas have been trained by local coffee guru Richard from Grind. Let's just say we love our coffee!


Our beautiful backyard and kids area is open after the Sunday AM service, come out and meet someone new!

Plan Your Visit

Will this be your first time at Eastcoast?
Let us know and our team will look after the details and make you feel at home. There is heaps of parking available around our building as well as street parking.